The Best Exotic Food in the World

Food is essential to people. Without food, people will not be able to survive. It does not matter whether you are a carnivore, vegetarian, or a vegan. What matters is that you will get your food whenever you need it.

What if you would be given a chance to try out exotic food, will you push through with it? Most people do not want to eat food that they are not familiar with or food that they do not consider to be “edible.” Other people will be more adventurous with the food that they will consume. Get to know the different exotic food in the world. It might even inspire your next travel destination.

Fried Tarantula

A lot of people are scared of the tarantula when it is alive. It can freak out a lot of people even though some would keep it as their pet. There is a place in the world wherein the hairy tarantula is deep fried and enjoyed. You can go to Cambodia and eat their Thai Zebra Tarantula. This is actually very big so you will get to savor its taste. With a spider that is as big as your hand, you have to be grateful that it is ready to be eaten.

Century Eggs

There are a lot of Asians who actually enjoy century eggs even if they are prepared with ashes and clay salt. Once century egg would take months before it will be ready to serve. The moment that it is ready, it will be delivered straight to you. It has a very strong taste and some people are not fond of its consistency. Once you acquire a taste for it though, you will continue eating it for a long time.


Some people assume that all of the exotic dishes are from Asia but this dish is from Europe. This is made with some parts of the sheep that are not usually consumed like the lungs, heart, and the liver. This dish is prepared with some onions, other herbs, and spices. It may not sound like the best dish to try but others say that once you taste it, you will know why this dish is very popular in Scotland.

Bear Claw

Do you think you would be able to eat a bear claw? Most people would not dare but if you go to China, this is highly sought after. There are people who believe that eating a bear’s claw can improve their virility and their overall health. It seems that getting this can be a problem as some of the bears are tortured before they are killed. You should know first if the bear is humanely slaughtered before you try this exotic dish.

If you would like to try a dish that is not for the faint-hearted, you should try to eat the live cobra heart that is being sold in Vietnam. Those who consume this think that they will be as strong as the cobra. Remember that you need to consume this while the heart of the cobra is still breathing.

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